Did you know that Dog ID Tags are a Legal Requirement?

Find out if your country is on the list of countries have a dog id tag law.

Accordingly to Dogsaholic, there are areas around the world that require dog owners to have dog ID tags on their dog’s collars. These laws can change even among regions of the same country! If you are a dog owner, you should check with your local authorities what is the legal requirement, when it comes to identifying your dog by an ID tag on his or her collar.  

However, we suggest you get an ID tag for your dog, whether it’s legally required or not in your area. Why? Because it helps tremendously with finding your dog fast if you lose him or her! And just as important, you should choose a tag fashionable and with a style that is an extension of your dog’s personality. 

Which countries require dog id tags by law?

United Kingdom

According to UK law, there is a legal requirement to add an ID tag onto your pet’s collar. The objective is for the animal to be easily identified if someone finds it away from the owner. The information required is the dog’s address (house name/number and postal code). 

United States

In the US, you should get a legal license for your dog. The engraved ID tag on the dog’s collar should indicate the license information. The information required is the owner’s contact details. 


In Canada, you should also get a legal license for your dog.  The ID tag should contain the license holder’s details. 


If you live in Australia, you are legally required to take your pet to the local council for registration. This should happen when or she is more than 3 months old. They will issue you a council registration tag, that must be worn on your dog’s collar. You can also choose to get another ID tag alongside this one with your address or contact information and/or a microchip tag (optional). 

What about other countries?

are dog tags a legal requirement

In Portugal, for example, you should register your dog at the Pet information system (SIAC). They will issue a document similar to a person’s ID card to the animal.  

We just hope they will not ask the dog to “sit with their back straight” and “not show their teeth” when taking the picture. But this dog here did a really good job! Surely he is trying to seem serious for a document as important as his ID card. 

Even though dogs (and all pets) are not required to wear an ID tag on their collar, you should carry this ID card with you everywhere you go with your dog. The process is relatively similar in Spain. 

Which dog tag should you buy?

Well… we know it’s really important to have the necessary information in the pet ID tag. In case someone finds your dog, they can easily call you or reach your door. That’s why our dog ID tags are personalized, and you can enter all the information you want (name, contact, address, and anything else you find relevant). 

But… Do you know what is also very important? Fashion! Style! Elegance! If we humans can wear fancy clothes and walk around showing our style to everyone, sure our dogs should have the same right. Right? 

Just look at this hero, prepared to save the whole world with the SpiderDog ID Tag!

dog id tags are a legal requirement

But there are a big number of possibilities for you and your dog to choose from. We suggest you put your dog in front of your laptop screen and let him or her choose for him or herself! 


Don’t forget that having a dog ID tag is probably not the only legal requirement you should follow if you own a dog.

In many countries, dogs, cats, and other pets are required to have microchips. You should also be careful with vaccination and other documents, and if you are traveling with your pets, there are almost always other documents and processes you should follow.  

At Snout Fashion, we are here to help and give you the information you need to be an exemplar pet owner, but never forget to do your local research! 

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